10 Ways for Busy Women to Prioritize

Luxury Self Care & Wellness eBook

EmpowHER Your Wellness

This eBook provides ways for busy women of all ages to learn how to prioritize their health and wellness in their everyday life for well-balanced, luxurious lifestyles! To help you on your wellness journey, this eBook outlines steps you can incorporate into your daily life for higher energy levels, improved overall wellbeing, optimal health, decreased stress, and improved life satisfaction.

What's Included?

  • Tips to prioritize health & wellness

  • Ideas for ways to indulge in self care

  • Advice for creating boundaries

  • Ways to create life balance

  • BONUS Self-Care Assessment Worksheet

About the Author

Dr. Talonda Bryant, PT, DPT is a licensed Physical Therapist and Women's Health and Wellness coach. She helps women entrepreneurs and high-achieving corporate women learn how to prioritize their health and wellness for well-balanced, luxurious lifestyles.

Dr. Bryant incorporates her faith, femininity, and fearlessness into her online brand, The Lady Well Consulting, to improve women's lives all across the world! In her leisure, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and family/friends, shopping, traveling, and attending church.

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